Sunday, March 10, 2013

Icoa engineering weekly - volume 783

March 10th 2013 - Atlanta GA

Icoa engineering had a full week across all product fronts.

The OGGflow team was very busy preparing for the public release.

- Many changes and upgrades were made to OGGflow’s speech driven search engine. Items created by OGGflow project teams are broken up into 6 main categories; milestones, tasks, contacts, posts and comments. New search engine visual indicators help OGGflow users to easily sort and identify various data objects within an organizations project flows.

- Enhancements were added to universal apps domain connectors. A cornerstone architecture ideology of OGGFlow is to not lock in any of the customer organizations data, and allow the organization to use their own FTPS, or Google Drive, Box, Dropbox content and document sharing suites as desired for storage and business object reference. OGGflow engineering is also working on finishing the Microsoft Office 365 connector so that organizations who have adopted or will migrate to Microsoft’s new business service can use it seamlessly with OGGFlow.

- OGGflow engineering collaborated with Icoa marketing in a review and walkthru of the new OGGflow public visitor and information site that will launch at later this month.

- The OGGflow project contact view received several performance enhancements. The steps required to export OGGflow project contacts to external email clients such as Gmail or Outlook have been simplified and the entire process is now much more intuitive and seamless.

- The Evernote project connector is currently being created. The Evernote connector will make it easy for Evernote snippets, pictures, audio notes or other bits of data captured on mobile devices to be instantly shared with the appropriate OGGflow project team and like every other object or event in OGGFlow the Evernote team notes become more valuable when they can become the foundation or a task, milestone, or referenceable team collaboration session.

- OGGFlow engineering successfully gave production users a big brother type scare with new enhancements to the “follow me - notify me” project event notification system. Now when a team member is away from the HTML5 interface, the OGGflow bot will make sure critical project events are delivered no matter what. The notification bot will find the team member on a jabber chat account, with audio cues, with email alerts and finally a daily digest without any complicated configuration requirements. Jay Mayer of Harpoon Technologies exclaimed - “OGGflow notifications find me! When I logout of oggFlow, updates go to Jabber/G-talk. When I log out of Gtalk, I get an email for "missed chat with oggflow:". I dare you to miss an oggFlow alert!”

- Enhancements were made to the task list view from a user profile. Security has been tweaked so that users in the same organization cannot see task ID numbers for projects they do not belong to. (it is pointless for the user to see the task ID when they cannot view the task itself)

- New image icons have been added to the task priority system. The emergency task status now has an ambulance indicator!

The OGGchat development team played a huge role in this weeks task roundup as well. OGGchat as a communications portal plays a very large role in OGGflow for customer support and contact center features.

- Chat operator photo feature has been added so that the widget on your website can bear the same charming face as the great people working at your company who are waiting to help site visitors.

- Many upgrades were made to the OGGchat network database services. International network traffic experiences much reduced latency now for site visitor / operator chats and calls.

Currently Icoa engineering has 127 open enhancement / feature initiatives.

We will be back with more updates next week!


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