Friday, February 22, 2013

OGGsync 8 - available now!


OGGsync 8 - available now!

The reliable and easy to use OGGsync celebrates the release of version 8 in February 2013.

OGGsync 8 was designed and built with Outlook 2013 and ever evolving cloud calendar services support in critical consideration.

When you just want to focus on your actual events and contacts and not worry about news and updates regarding changes in cloud calendar support - OGGsync is the answer!

In addition to improvements in the core services, OGGsync 8 brings:

  • Automatic calendar backup to Google Drive, DropBox or your local hard drive
  • Seamless conflict resolution process for events and contacts
  • PICsync keeps your contacts images current
  • Google login / session maintenance enhancements

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